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Waxing Q’s and Tonic Aesthetics’ Philosophy:

  • I’m a first time waxer; what can I expect? How painful will it be?

    Everyone has a different experience and pain tolerance. It depends on the area you are waxing for the first time and how coarse the hair is. After years of shaving, hair typically grows in more coarse and can be uncomfortable to wax for the first time. However, frequent waxing breaks down the hair follicles and leads to finer and more sparse hair growth, making waxing easier and more comfortable over time.

  • How long does my hair need to be?

    To get the best wax possible, your hair should be about 1/2 inch or longer, or about three weeks of hair growth from the last time you shaved. There’s no need to trim before a wax, even if it’s been longer than 3 weeks since you last shaved. Often times trimming creates uneven hair length and those shorter hairs may not lift, leaving you with a less clean wax.

  • What types of wax do you use?

    The type of wax used is dependent on the area being waxed and the type of hair that you have in that particular area. For example, fine hair lifts well with a soft wax while coarse hair lifts well with a hard wax. Both waxes used at Tonic Aesthetics are high end and designed to be less painful, leaving you less red and irritated afterwards.

  • What causes ingrown hairs and how can I prevent them?

    Ingrown hairs are hairs that are often more coarse and have curled around and grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it. They can appear due to shaving or from cheap wax products that cause hair to break at the surface of the skin instead of being waxed at the root. They may also appear due to poor waxing technique, for example using a soft wax on coarse hair which could lead to hair breakage and result in ingrown hairs. If you have ingrown hairs extractions will be performed with every wax to reduce their appearance and after care steps will be discussed to ensure satisfaction. You can rest assured that Tonic Aesthetics uses only high quality wax products leaving you as smooth as possible after every wax.

  • Are there any medications that interfere with waxing?

    Yes! If you are taking or using any prescription medications, please check with your doctor and confirm it is safe to wax while using the medication before scheduling an appointment. Some medications that are contraindicated to waxing are Accutane, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, and Avage. If you are currently using one of these medications your skin is much more sensitive due to a more rapid rate of exfoliation and it is not safe to wax.