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Hello world!

Hello world!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! I am Jessica Novella Hakes, owner of Tonic Aesthetics and Apothecary. You may have read in the “About” section of my website that I have been a licensed Aesthetician since 2001. I am very passionate about the services that I provide and have spent over 15 years developing my skills and continuing my education to bring you the very best professional and holistic skin care that Denver has to offer.

It has been quite the journey that has brought me from my early days as an Aveda Aesthetician to having my own aesthetic practice today. When I was finishing up high school I had no idea what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” I had a friend who was in beauty school to become a hair stylist at the time, and we had a conversation that would change the course of my professional life. One day he said to me: “You would make a great Aesthetician.” 

“What’s that?”  

“You know, the people who give facials and waxing services.” 

I had never been to a spa before and was a far cry from having been waxed with my bushy 90’s brows that I tweezed to death. Yes, to death. And a facial? What was that? I began researching what exactly an Aesthetician does and it seemed like something I would enjoy, so I found a school and enrolled. I quickly fell in love with my new profession and began to realize that what I was doing as an Aesthetician was more than simply giving facial and waxing services. I was there to care for my clients, pamper them, lend an ear, and send them back into the world feeling refreshed and the best version of themselves possible. I wasn’t just seeing clients with acne concerns and unwanted facial and body hair. I was seeing people who ranged from having stress and depression issues to battling cancer and in need of the gentle healing touch that a facial could provide them. This is why I have always considered my work to be more than just a small role in the beauty industry. To me it’s a part of the health and wellness industry as well. As soon as a client hops on my table they are releasing their daily stress and taking time out of their busy schedule to care for themselves. Here, with me. Given that there are so many Aestheticians to choose from in the Denver metro area, I consider that an honor and a privilege.

Over the years I have received so much from the lovely people who choose to see me. In an effort to expand on my aesthetic skills and better serve my clients’ needs, I returned to school for my bachelor’s degree in Integrative Therapeutic Practices where I focused my studies in holistic healthcare to include botanical pharmacology, women’s holistic health, aromatherapy and much more. I believe that my continuing education and passion for performing services allows me to provide a unique experience for my clients.

Through my website and blog I am now able to give back to my community by sharing my knowledge, education, experiences, and what’s trending in the wonderful world of Aesthetics here with you! I look forward to engaging with you digitally and in person.  Please share any questions and experiences with me relating to aesthetics and holistic skincare – it’s working with you that helps me to serve my clients and community to the best of my abilities.  

Sincerely yours,


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